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Lab A+U STUDIO is a multidisciplinary Architecture and Urban Design practice based in Vadodara & Pune. 

This is a Design Lab where we strive to create hybrid Architectural Solutions at different scales, context, and culture through Regenerative Architecture . 


As a Studio, we provide Consultancy for wide range of Projects from Private Residences to Institutions.

We believe in delivering success by deeply involving Individuals and Community in the whole process from rigorous design experimentation to construction to bringing social change .

We engage in in-depth understanding of Site and its Constraints considering Environmental and Human centric approach aiming to arrive at Simple , Bold and Efficient design 

Urban Desig

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We give Urban Design consultation at macro-micro scale for different context with specialization in Designing, Planning, Innovative design solutions 

- Research & Documentation, Feasibility  and Physical Planning Reports along with capacity building involving different NGO's.


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We give Architectural Design solution of different scale

The Development is done as a rigorous process with innovative Design Concepts , detail Construction techniques , Eco sensitive Design which is Context driven 


- our Interiors are quirky with importance to interior functions with each space thought in detail . 

our process involves end to end solution from Project estimation, Implementation , satisfactory monitoring


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We have done several projects of  Regeneration  through Heritage Management , Rural regeneration, Adaptive reuse 

,Retrofitting, Seismic analysis, heritage building services


Analysis & Proposal for new development in historic settings with the townscape analysis, visual integration, heritage impact assessment , disaster management assessment 

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 The first step in any project is OBSERVE 

To only observe , Listen and Document 

Second step is to UNDERSTAND  users' needs, aspirations, cultural-economical situation and physical fabric of any place at macro-micro level.

Understanding the larger good and long term impact

The Third Step is DESIGN to give Hybrid Architectural Solutions giving simple , Bold and efficient Design considering Human Centric and Ecological approach . 

We INVOLVE different stakeholders who are the different users through Capacity Building and Public participation

We ENERGIZE the Design and Construction Process through

Capacity building , Research , Policy understanding ,Funding Mechanisms , Technological involvement , graphical representations.

Our Process

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