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700 sq.ft.



Padmakoot Residence

Padmakoot was British Resident's House near Old city area of Vadodara , with large open court around and House in the center .This is now owned by Noble Gaekwads of Baroda now. 

The house has Colonial Gothic-style Architecture with Gothic arches and jack arch ceilings. This is a revamp of one of the heritage rooms with beautiful existing teak furniture which was carefully restored from other portions of Bungalow . 

The furniture had carved mirror tables , easel, silver leged king-sized bed and lie sized paintings by the owners parents . 

Theme was carried as deep green with teak and white Decor giving space for each element 

Design Team : Anagha Joshi, Deepali Prajapati, Ashfak Rana, Pahini Shah

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