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Jambusar Complex

Jambusar, Gujarat


B.U.A. - 48000 sq.ft.

A commercial complex on the 30m road on Jambusar expressway with central open gathering space and front Vista for public amenities like Children Play area , seating area , lush green garden. 

The ground and First floor are shop areas and the second floor has banquet and large party rooms with big terraces, giving the view of the area. 
The elevation has been designed sensitively to stand out in the context with modern materials which are non-corrosive as the area lies in the sea breeze zone. 
The grandeur of the Entrance gives a sense of greater volume in the surrounding context. The central Vista has a staircase and bridges connecting all floors together with multipurpose gathering spaces 

Design Team : Anagha Joshi , Madhura Joshi, Ashfak Rana, Ritu Singh

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