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Sadhali Lake Development

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Sadhali Village is located south of Vadodara and is near to Narmada River. It is acts like an approach to many tourist destinations along the River like Malsar , Vadhvana, Nareshwar along with Ansuya mata mandir Jhanjhad and the newly developed Poicha Sawaminarayn temple. The Village is a thoroughfare for many bike and cycle riders and as shopping area for villages around. The lake is surrounded by Mixed use development around it with shops on ground floor and residences above. The building height is majorly G+2. The aim is to create a large public gathering, interactive lake front for the Village and other villages around serving as an anchoring feature for the zone. 
The proposal includes developing the Kayavarohan Sadhali Node development, the Sadhali bus stand public facility and developing the embankment area by intervention of interactive sculptures, seating area as well as a jogging and cycle  track. The development is allowed to be integrated with the surrounding slum area as well as the existing public facility and recreation zone. The hawkers zone was regulated and a parking lot is provided for a more structured development and movement of the users. 

Design Team : Anagha Joshi, Hitesh Suthar


Sadhali, Vadodara


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