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Amita Mistry

Old City, Vadodara


B.U.A. - 875 sq.ft.

Located in the Dense fabric of the Old city of Baroda, life is all about terraces and streetlife. 
A dwelling for a family of two - a mother-daughter duo. The floors have been divided with parking and services on Ground Floor and first floor as a conducive unit for the mother. The second floor has a daughter's room which is vertically connected to the living room below, with double-height OTS .

The daughter gets her private balcony overlooking the street a relaxing point in the daytime the mid landings become a major point of interaction on the backside road an easy way for an elder mother to connect with friends. 

Design Team : Anagha Joshi, Ashfak Rana, Ritu Singh, Pahini Shah

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