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Chauhan Residence 



B.U.A. - 1400 sq.ft.

Revamp of Residence for Mr. Chauhan
The house had a typical tenement planning which was redeveloped to make open space planning in the same load-bearing walls. The spaces are compact in form and are attached to each other functionally in a fluid way. The visual and vertical connection of the Ground and First floor is done through the staircase creating a double height.
The modern feel to the house is brought through few elements like railings of the staircase, the entranceway which has a wooden and green feel. The new house has mid-century modern elements, colourful insides giving a homely feel to the place. 
The new urban typology for residence design.

Design Team : Anagha Joshi, Madhura Joshi, Deepali Prajapati

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