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Patel Residence 

Bhekhda, Vadodara


B.U.A. - 3368 sq.ft.

A 5 BHK Villa sits on a plot of 30' x 120', sharing its context with a 100 year old structure. The concept of the house follows breaking the spaces by gradual setbacks, allowing it to acclimate with the community, rather than defining it as a new structure. 
The defined entrance foyer marks the beginning of the house with low ceiling , which gradually increases as we enter the living spaces. The double-height courtyard inside gives a larger life feeling with the floating staircase in the center. 
The rear elevation of the house opens up to three large trees and a view of a beautiful wooden gazebo and a splash pool for kids. 
The client is a sarpanch of the village and has concepts of rainwater recharge and solar power in the house which have been designed in the residence.

Design Team : Anagha Joshi, Madhura Joshi, Ashfak Rana, Ritu Singh, Deepali Prajapati

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