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Wooden Cottage 



B.U.A. - 400 sq.ft.

The client approached us during the covid time to build a wooden cottage for his family in the middle of their ancestral farm which is an extension of a forest in Chhattisgarh. The idea for this project came from creating a minimum impact on farm, forest, and surrounding ecology by building a house that can easily dismantle, shift to another location, rebuild and each structural member can be reused. In this project, we are recycling, capturing rainwater & reusing it for cleaning/farm/maintenance. Greywater generated water from this house is planned to grow bananas and papaya, vegetables. We wanted to develop a design of a house which is easy to rebuild, maintain, easy services which can very well act off-grid. In this house per day, we are focusing on saving 45% of the water every day from the use. 

Design Team: Anagha Joshi, Madhura Joshi

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