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Pandhari School


2018 - 2020

B.U.A. - 1500 sq.ft.

Pandhari Village school - A rural regeneration project for education and empowerment of school kids and Women of Pandhari village. The school has 60% spaces for education and 40% spaces for community gathering and works like library, art classroom, gathering spaces, public spaces and amphitheater. The library overlooks two courtyards and a double height on first floor. One side of school is dedicated for pre-primary kids and other for primary and secondary. The school has two access, one from village and other from existing side.
This is an attempt to create a public place for the village of 3000 people.

The construction is waterless with minimum concrete, all walls and ceilings are of brick, and its a composite structure with MS framing and walls in the draught prone zone 

Design Team : Anagha Joshi, Madhura Joshi

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