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Zaveri Residence

Kensafari, Vadodara


B.U.A. - 14000 sq.ft.

A Residence designed for Mr. Vishvanjay Zaveri in the farmlands of Kensafari with a Golf course view. With large Living rooms and double-height spaces and a central free-standing staircase. Bedrooms opening into verandahs and Kitchen and dining areas with swimming pool deck are the key features of the House. The House also has AV Room, Gym area and gaming zone . 

The style of Architecture is Contemporary modern, merging in the large green spaces of the house.  The Entranceway is marked specifically with a meandering pathway passing through the front landscape. Large pergolas over the foyer, mark the Entry, and the double height on the backside help in merging the temple with the surrounding landscape. 

Design Team : Anagha Joshi, Madhura Joshi, Ashfak Rana

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