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Niraj Patel Residence

Aava Greens, Vadodara


B.U.A. - 2800 sq.ft.

The Villa is designed for Mr. Niraj Patel at a green county on the outskirts of Baroda.
The house is 2800 s.ft. with 4BHK out of which one of the spaces have been converted to Work from Home Office for the client. 

TheVilla is built in a county that has fixed exposed Modern architectural style with brickwork with rough plaster and grooved finishes and a lot of green justifying the name of Greens county. 

The villa has been made according to the client's specific requirement of an outdoor gazebo, Barbecue area, and a dedicated area for homegrown food items. 
The staircase will have double height with OTS in the center and ground floor with planations.

Design Team : Anagha Joshi, Ashfak Rana

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